One would think the government knows quite well where we are, with all those apps and qr codes we have to scan all the time. Anyway, according to this announcement on Shine we now have to register when traveling back to Shanghai from other provinces. The announcement further explains that “Such online registration is mandatory even if people are coming from domestic areas without COVID-19 infection or it is just a one-day trip outside Shanghai, according to the government”. From the sound of it, there’s no one checking if you’ve filled out the form, but you might be held responsible if you haven’t filled out the form but still spread of the coronavirus. So, better be safe and register before you return to Shanghai.


In short, open your suishenban app, search for 来沪返沪人员服务 and fill out the form with your recent travel itenery.


Here’s a detailed guide:


1) Open whatver app you are using for your PCR Codes, either the Alipay, WeChat or suishenban app directly.


2) In Alipay and WeChat, search for 随申办 to get to the landing page of the suishenban app inside Alipay and WeChat



3) Then search for 来沪返沪人员服务 and open the first result



The landing page of that app has an English option:



But after you agree to the terms (in Chinese), there’s no more English anywhere, despite the Shine article claiming that there’s an English version available.


4) Click the left button to create a new record, or the right button to check your previous records



5) Then fill out the form. You have to choose if you last destination was a High/Medium/Low risk area (apparently the AI behind this app isn’t able to apply that information). To find out the current status of the place you are, check this guide. Or ask the hotel you’ve stayed at.



6) You’ll see a confirmation window telling you that the information will be sent to the relevant government departments and has to be accurate. Click 确认 to confirm.



7) You’ll get this confirmation page. Thanks for being a good citizen.



Please note that this article was written a few years ago, and some of the information may be outdated. If you have any new or updated information on this topic, feel free to share experiences or ask questions,  someone may know the answer and be able to help you.