Living in Beijing as a foreigner can sometimes mean struggling to book an appointment at a public hospital. The locals use the 114 system to 挂号 guàhào (book appointment) but unless you can read Chinese, you’re stuck with the old school method of calling up the hospital or begging a Chinese friend to help.  But fear no more! Since the 114 health mini-program now offers a guahao feature, the Beijinger’s sister publication Jingkids has created a step-by-step guide to making an appointment.

Step 1 – Type “114” in the WeChat search bar or scan the QR code above to enter the account. You must follow the account in order to use the service app. Once you’ve followed, click the “service” button.

Step 2 – Click “register an appointment” and jump to the hospital list page.

Step 3 – Search the hospital name using the top bar or slide down the list to find the hospital you want to visit. Then enter the hospital page.

Step 4 – Search the department name using the top search bar or slide down the list to find the department you want to visit. Then enter the schedule page.

Step 5 – Let’s take the general surgery department as an example. Choose the date by sliding left or right, or use the calendar. Dates colored blue are available for registration. Gray dates mean all places are booked. The following image shows the available places for morning and afternoon.

Step 6 – After deciding the date, you can move to registration. If you are new to the 114 system, you will need to enter a real-name verification and then add a new patient and fill in some personal information.

For the real-name verification, tap “go verify” on the prompt after selecting the date.

Then tap “add a new patient” to fill in additional info.

Step 7 – During the COVID period, most hospitals require patients to complete a questionnaire. If you don’t have any symptoms of fever and have no history of traveling to middle- or high-risk areas, just click “no” for all the questions.

Step 8 – After getting a verification code sent to your phone, we can confirm the registration. Don’t forget to check the information for accuracy!

Step 9 – Your registration is complete! Each order has its own identification code. If you want to cancel the order, make sure to follow the cancelation policy, or you will lose the registration fee.

If you prefer, we’ve also put together a video that explains the process. Click below to watch the step-by-step guide!