As Shanghai gears up to celebrate the Chinese Dragon New Year, you might be planning to venture out of the city for some fun or to spend quality time with loved ones. However, if you find yourself staying in Shanghai, do not fret, as this city always offers something interesting. Here are a few art exhibits you can explore during the Chinese New Year. Keep in mind that they will not be open all the time. Nonetheless, there are specific days during the festival when they are open, so choose a convenient time for your visit.


Ucca Edge


UCCA Edge will be closed for the Chinese New Year holiday from February 7th to February 12th. They’ll be open on Monday, February 5th, and will return to the regular schedule starting from February 13th.


Matisse by Matisse




In its first-ever solo exhibition of Henri Matisse in mainland China, UCCA has partnered with the Musée Matisse in Northern France. The exhibition features nearly 300 pieces, encompassing sculptures, drawings, ink on paper, prints, paper cuts, book illustrations, fabrics, and various other mediums.


The reviews for this exhibition vary; some criticize it for having fewer representative works and including more draft pieces. However, based on SmartShanghai’s experience, it is still recommended. The exhibition features a large number of artworks, and if you want to thoroughly appreciate it, it may take several hours. It provides an artistic retrospective of Matisse’s career through various mediums, allowing viewers to understand the evolution of Matisse’s styles over different periods. Additionally, it includes donated artworks from Matisse’s private collection, making it a rare and valuable compilation.


Time: Daily except Mon until Feb 18, 10am-7pm


Venue: UCCA Edge


Address: 88 Xizang Bei Lu, near Tiantong Lu, Jing’an District


Price: Entry fee, 118-150rmb


Centre Pompidou x West Bund Museum


West Bund Museum will be closed from February 9th to February 13th and will be back to the regular schedule from Tuesday to Sunday after that.


Raoul Dufy: The Melody of Happiness



The year 2023 marks the 70th anniversary of Raoul Dufy’s passing. This exhibition serves as a tribute to Raoul Dufy, an artist renowned for his ability to capture the joy of life and his remarkable achievements across multiple artistic disciplines.


The exhibition showcases over 120 masterpieces, including paintings, prints, ceramics, and textiles. It is structured into 12 chapters that follow the trajectory of artistic movements from Impressionism and Fauvism to Cubism and Art Deco.


What makes this exhibition even more special is that the majority of the exhibits come directly from Dufy’s studio. These artworks were bequeathed to the French government by Dufy’s wife the year after her death in 1963. The exhibition is unique in that it brings together pieces that Dufy held dear, including those he considered the most significant milestones in his career.


Time: Daily except Mon until Feb 25, 10am-5pm


Venue: Centre Pompidou x West Bund Museum


Address: 2600 Longteng Dadao, near Longteng Lu, Xuhui District


Price: Entry fee, 60-120rmb


Museum of Art Pudong


MAP will be closed from February 9 to February 11 and will be regularly daily open after that.


The Pudong Art Museum consistently delivers high-quality exhibitions, and the same can be said for these two major showcases.


Zeng Fanzhi: Old and New



Zeng Fanzhi stands as one of China’s most prominent contemporary artists. He has been featured in solo and group exhibitions at renowned art institutions both in China and internationally.


This exhibition comprises nearly 60 of his representative works, spanning a creative period of 35 years. It not only showcases the various facets of the artist Zeng Fanzhi but also provides an alternative perspective on the different stages of development within Chinese contemporary art.


In this exhibition, some of his most renowned works from the “Mask Series” are on display. “Mask Series No.6” from this collection was sold at the Beijing Yongle International Auction for 161 million RMB, breaking the artist’s auction record set in 2013. It has also become the most expensive contemporary artwork in China.


Time: Daily until Mar 8, 10am – 9pm


Venue: Museum of Art Pudong


Address: 2777 Binjiang Dadao, near Fenghe Lu


Price: Entry fee, 80-280rmb


Caravaggio: Wonders of the Italian Baroque



This exhibition marks the first Caravaggio-themed exhibition in China. It will showcase six authentic works by Caravaggio, including iconic masterpieces like “Boy with a Basket of Fruit” and “Saint John the Baptist,” making their debut in China. Additionally, over 50 original paintings by more than 40 artists from the Baroque art movement will be featured.


Despite Caravaggio’s life being cut short at less than 40 years, his paintings have had a profound impact. He pioneered a technique emphasizing strong chiaroscuro contrasts, narrating with light, and creating a powerful sense of drama. This approach had a lasting influence on the various painters of the 17th century.


Time: Daily until Mar 8, 10am – 9pm (MAP will be closed from February 9 to February 11 and will be regularly daily open after that.)


Venue: Museum of Art Pudong


Address: 2777 Binjiang Dadao, near Fenghe Lu


Price: Entry fee, 80-280rmb




May your Year of the Dragon be filled with creativity, inspiration, and the beauty of art. Gong Xi Fa Cai!