The Pearl is throwing something different together for the piece, serving up cabaret plus a live band in an original dinner show produced by the Dark Circus team. Pappa-G, Grant Buchwald himself (the chief impresario at The Pearl, if you’re the last to know) promises a feast for all the senses, with a la carte ordering from a menu that includes a sumptuous array of signature T-bone steaks, burgers, seafood dishes, cold cuts and cheese platters, pastas, salads, and more, more, more.

The once-famous Grand Hotel, now a shadow of its former self, serves as a backdrop for the characters to unfold and undress their personalities, backstories, and motivations. The hotel itself seems to exert an otherworldly influence on the players, compelling intriguing behavior and revealing their unpredictability. Expect plenty of intrigue and suspense as the narrative unravels — guests who are expecting a peaceful night at the theater are in for a surprise.

A mischievous night manager kicked off the night with his witty and sassy opening. Then, various characters pop up as “hotel guests” and start checking in: a married couple; a single lady; a housemaid…

Every character seems to be holding on to a secret, and everyone is affected by the hotel’s mysterious power. The night heats up quickly as cast members offer up their talents on stage — a sensuous dance number, a powerhouse vocal performance, and more cabaret numbers better left as surprises.

But don’t assume you’re a passive observer. During the show, cast members walk among and interact with the audience. We won’t give away too much; let’s just say that if you’re in, you’ll have fun. And it’s different every time.

If you’re looking for a truly unique night out at the theater and a great meal as well, don’t miss out on The Grand Hotel, with new shows planned for June 2 and 3, available on