Many people worry about the food of China. Some of them may hear about some bad news and problems in food of China. But it doesn’t mean that eating is not safe in China. It depends on what you eat and where you are eating. There are thousands of traditional Chinese food in every city of China. If you don’t know how to eat safely, just read some of the tips in the following articles. It may help you get some basic facts and information on Chinese food and restaurants.

Eat in the right restaurants

China is a big country with long history in food and eating habits. There are many strange food that you won’t see in other parts of China. So when you are new to a city of China, you may choose the local branded restaurants of hotels. There are many branded retaurants which enjoy great fume in local people. Just ask some of the local people, they will tell you which one is the best. Most nice restaurants will be decorated in a unique and nice style. You may easily find them in the main street. Don’t eat in the low quality restaurants in the corner of some street. Some of the reataurants are very old and out of dated. Some of the cook are very dirty. So when you are eating in these low quality restaurnts, it won’t be safe.


Eat local food

best city for food in China Don’t try too much food from the other places or cities. The materials are not fresh when transport from other provinces of city. Try to eat    more local food and fruit. They will be more fresh than the other parts. Eat more Beijing food when you are in Beijing rather than Chengdu food. China is a big country, it will take some time to transport the ingredients. Vegetables are also from local city.



Don’t eat Cheap food

Some of the food are very cheap in China. It will be 1 or 2 yuan for each piece. Don’t eat too much the cheap food. They are not safe for their bad quality or ingredients. Especially those who sold their food on the street by movable bike. You will see many Chinese young people eat their food. But it won’t be good for your stomach.


Don’t eat strage food

In many cities of China, people eat many special food that you won’t see in your countries. If you are in Guangdong, you will see many people eat snake or other special animals. Don’t eat the food that you see strange. In some city, people like to eat dog meat, so don’t try some. If you are not sure that the reataurants offer safe food, just check some of their menue. If they offer many strange food that you don’t know before, just change another restaurant. Rice, pork, beef, chikcen, fish, duck are some of the major food in China.