The Great Wall of China is a must-see attraction for tourists in China. The most visited section of the wall is the Great Wall at Badaling.

In response to the popularity of the site, a railway line has been built connecting central Beijing and this section of the wall: line S2. tour of the Great Wall?

Beijing-Badaling Train Schedule

The S2 rail network runs from Huangtudian Railway Station, past Nankou, Badaling and terminated at Yanqing. It is 59 kilometers in length with five stations:

Huangtudian Railway Station (黄土店) – Nankou (南口) – Badaling (八达岭) – Yanqing (延庆站)

How to get to Huangtudian Railway Station: Take subway Line 8 or 13 to Huoying (霍营) Station, take Exit G4, and walk southeastward for 110 meters.

Beijing to Badaling Train Schedule

(Updated on July 11st, 2019)

Train Number Depart from Huangtudian Railway Station Arrive at Badaling Railway Station Dates of Running
S201 07:25 08:39 Everyday
S203 07:49 09:05 Everyday
S205 08:58 10:07 Everyday
S207 09:33 10:42 Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
S209 09:54 10:24 Everyday
S211 11:42 13:10 Everyday
S213 13:14 14:23 Everyday
S287 11:23 12:33 Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
S223 17:04 18:19 Everyday

Badaling to Beijing Train Schedule

(Updated on July 11st, 2019)

Train Number Depart from Badaling Railway Station Arrive at Beijing North Station Dates of Running
S204 07:39 08:55 Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
S206 07:57 09:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
S208 09:42 10:58 Everyday
S216 12:50 14:24 Everyday
S218 14:02 15:30 Everyday
S220 15:16 16:35 Everyday
S222 16:07 17:37 Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
S224 16:52 18:08 Everyday
S226 17:58 19:18 Everyday
S230 19:21 20:51 Everyday
S232 20:06 21:31 Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
S234 20:56 22:22 Everyday

Beijing-Badaling Train Price

Badaling Great Wall, Badaling Train Badaling Great Wall

It costs 6 CNY ( 0.60 or $1) for a one-way trip witheither hard or soft seats.

Facilities of a Beijing-Badaling Train

There are two kinds of seats in the train: soft seats and hard seats. On-board facilities include air-conditioning/heating, toilets, hotwater dispensers, and a café/bar selling tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer, and snacks.

How to Buy a Beijing-Badaling Train Ticket?

Due to the adjustment of the S2 rail networks, tickets are not available online from China Railway.

Therefore, you will need to go to the stations mentioned below to purchase your tickets.

Train Stations

Beijing Huangtudian Railway Station

Written in Chinese as “北京黄土店火车站”

Located in Huangtudian County, Changping District, the station is 34 kilometers away from Beijing Railway Station. It serves as a departure and terminal station of the S2 rail networks.

Transportation to Huangtudian Railway Station

  • By public bus:89, 371, 462, 478, 607
  • By subway: The nearest subway station is Huoying Station(霍营站) and the direct lines to the station are Line 8 and Line 13.
  • Subway Station Subway Line Duration Cost
    From Tian’anmen Square Line 1 (3 stops) – Line 5 (13 stops) – Line 13 (1 stop) 60 m 1 USD (6 CNY)
    From Beijing Railway South Station Line 14 (3 stops) – Line 5 (17 stops)- Line 13 (1 stop) 20 m 0.60 USD (4 CNY)
    From Beijing West Railway Station Line 9 (4 stops) – Line 4 (3 stops) – Line 10 (2 stops) – Line 13 (6 stops) 60 m 1 USD (6 CNY)
  • By taxi:
Taxi Stand Duration Cost
From Beijing Railway Station 40 m 6 USD (40 CNY)
From Beijing South Railway Station 40 m 6 USD (40 CNY)
From Beijing West Railway Station 30 m 5 USD (35 CNY)