Toilets on Chinese trains are classified into two types: squat toilets and western-style toilets.

Toilets on Ordinary Trains

Most of the ordinary trains (Z, T, K categories of trains) have only squat toilets. Some of the deluxe soft sleeper carriages on ordinary trains have western-style toilets. They are set at the end of each carriage. Usually toilets in sleeper carriages (deluxe soft sleeper/soft sleeper/hard sleeper) are immaculate. However, toilets in seat carriages (soft seat/hard seat) are in bad condition.

Toilets on High-Speed Trains

High-speed trains, including overnight D category high-speed trains have both squat and western-style toilets. They are also set at the end of each carriage. Toilets on high-speed train are modern and always clean. A wash basin is equipped beside the toilet.

Handicapped washroomHandicapped washroom

Handicapped washroom is available on a high-speed train, usually in No.5 carriage. It is specially designed for passengers in wheelchairs. An auto-door is used. Inside the washroom equipped with a large wash basin, a western-style toilet, hand rails and a changing table for babies.


1. There is no toilet paper provided on ordinary trains. Toilet paper is provided on high-speed trains, but always run out. So it is recommended that you always bring your own toilet paper.

Toilet on an ordinary trainToilet on an ordinary train

2. The toilets will be locked when the train stops. Avoid to use the toilet when the train is about to stop for arriving at a station.

3. There are LED screens overhead each carriage showing if the toilets are occupied. Red light means occupied and green light means not occupied. You can also judge by the signs on the toilet door. The red sign “有人” means the toilet is occupied. And the green sign “无人” means not occupied.