Beijing recently removed the Didi app from Chinese app stores and took down its WeChat Mini Program.

While users who previously downloaded the app can still use it normally, Didi cannot register new users after a government crackdown on the company’s use of data.

Didi has one of the biggest customer platforms in China, covering 493 million annual active riders and 41 million average daily transactions.

Apps have been able to monitor changes during the pandemic, which has given a boost to tech giants. With companies in control of massive databases, the Chinese government has moved to tighten regulations by undergoing a cybersecurity review, which led to Didi’s removal from app stores.


For users who currently cannot access Didi, Meituan Taxi is a viable option that can result in cheaper ride fares. Follow the steps below to order a ride via Meituan:

It’s worth noting you will first need to download the Meituan app (not the Meituan Waimai app). On the homepage, you will see a car icon with the characters ‘打车.’ Click to access the ride-hailing function. (If the car icon is not visible, you can also type dache into the search bar.)


Once you arrive at the ride-hailing page, confirm your current location and select a destination.


Once the destination is set, a variety of ride-hailing platforms will appear, giving the user a wide price range to choose from. Oftentimes, you can save a bit of kuai by using platforms like Caocao (曹操) and others.