A new high-speed train connecting Beijing and Hong Kong has been put into service. The travel time between these two cities has been shortened from more than 12 hours to only 9 hours! The high-speed train between Beijing and Hong Kong runs every day, passing China’s major cities along the way, including Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, etc.

The new bullet train complements the slower overnight train that many people enjoy as well. So now there are two rail methods to travel directly to and from Beijing and Hong Kong.  

Hong Kong to Beijing High-Speed Train

  • Distance: 2,397 kilometers (1,489 miles)
  • Duration: 8 hours and 58 minutes
  • Terminals: Beijing West Station, Hong Kong West Kowloon Station
  • Number of trains: one pair of high-speed trains

Beijing to Hong Kong High-Speed Train Route Map

Beijing to Hong Kong High-Speed Train Schedule

(Updated on June 20th, 2019)

G79 Beijing West Station “北京西” to West Kowloon Station “西九龙”
Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time
Beijing West 10:00
Shijiazhuang 11:07 11:09
Zhengzhou East 12:31 12:34
Wuhan 14:17 14:20
Changsha South 15:38 15:41
Guangzhou South 18:01 18:06
Shenzhen North 18:35 18:39
West Kowloon 18:58

Hong Kong to Beijing High-Speed Train Schedule

(Updated on June 20th, 2019)

West Kowloon Station “西九龙” to Beijing West Station “北京西”
Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time
West Kowloon 08:05
Shenzhen North 08:24 08:27
Guangzhou South 08:56 09:00
Changsha South 11:17 11:20
Wuhan 12:38 12:41
Zhengzhou East 14:25 14:28
Shijiazhuang 15:50 15:54
Beijing West 17:01

Seat Classes and Prices on the Beijing – Hong Kong Bullet Train

Ticket Types Business Class First Class Second Class
Adult ticket US$507 (CNY3369) US$259 (CNY1724) US$163 (CNY1077)
Child ticket US$248 (CNY1685) US$127 (CNY862) US$80 (CNY539)

Children below 1.2 m (3.9 feet) in height can travel for free, but without their own seat. A child ticket is needed if a seat is required. Children under 1.5 m (4.9 feet) in height are eligible for children’s tickets (half price).

Beijing to Hong Kong high-speed trainHigh-speed train from Beijing to Hong Kong

How to Book Beijing – Hong Kong High-Speed Train Ticket

High-speed train tickets between Beijing and Hong Kong open for sell 30 days in advance for tickets booked online; 28 days in advance for tickets booked at the train station. Booking tickets online with a travel agency like China Highlights is the fastest and most convenient way.

Certificate For Booking China Train Tickets

  • For foreign travelers: passport
  • For Chinese travelers: Chinese ID document

Search Beijing – Hong Kong bullet train and book tickets now!

How to Get Paper Tickets

Paper tickets and ID documents (passports) are needed when boarding a train to and from Hong Kong. There are two ways of getting paper tickets after making a booking online:

1. Have the tickets delivered: delivery service apply to tickets from Beijing to Hong Kong and vice versa.

2. Collect tickets at the train station: a pick up number, which will be sent to you via email after issuing tickets, and ID documents (passports) are needed to be shown to collect paper tickets at a station counter.

Tickets from Beijing to Hong Kong can be collected at any train stations in mainland China. Tickets from Hong Kong to Beijing, however, can only be collected at Hong Kong West Kowloon Station.

Read on to find out more about how to collect tickets in China. 

For more information about booking Hong Kong to China high speed train tickets, see Hong Kong Trains — High-Speed and Non-Bullet Trains in 2019

Beijing – Hong Kong Normal-Speed Overnight Train

  • Duration: 24 hours approx. (spend one night on the train)
  • Terminals: Beijing West Station, Hung Hom Station
  • Number of trains: one pair of ordinary trains

The overnight regular train between Beijing and Hong Kong operates every second day from Beijing to Hung Hom Station in Hong Kong. It runs along the Beijing – Guangzhou Railway Line and the Guangzhou – Shenzhen Railway Line in mainland China and the East Rail Line in Hong Kong.

Beijing – Hong Kong Trains Depart on Different Dates in 2019

Trains depart on odd or even days according to different months. Please see the table below for general information.

Departure City Train Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Beijing Z97 Odd Even Even Odd Odd Even Even Odd Even Even Odd Odd
Hong Kong Z98 Even Odd Odd Even Even Odd Odd Even Odd Odd Even Even

Beijing – Hong Kong Overnight Train Schedule

The timetables below are only for your reference. If you want up-to-date schedules, you may use the search tool at the top of this page, or use our China Train Ticket Booking Service.

(Updated in June 20th, 2019)

Stations Z97 From Beijing to Hong Kong Z98 From Hong Kong to Beijing
Beijing West Depart at 12:40  Arrive at 15:30 the second day
Zhengzhou 18:25 09:37 the second day
Wuchang 23:05 04:56 the second day
Changsha 02:26 the second day 01:29 the second day
Guangzhou East 10:01 the second day 18:06
Hung Hom (Kowloon) Arrive at 13:01 the second day Depart at 15:15 

Seat Classes and Prices on Beijing – Hong Kong Overnight Train

Ticket Type Superior Soft Sleeper Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper
Adult ticket US$147 (CNY1,001) US$115 (CNY784) US$74 (CNY505)

Child fares (about 65% of the adult fare) only apply between 5 and 9 years old. Each child must be accompanied by an adult. Under 5s travel for free, but must pay a child fare if a bunk is required.

Seat types on Beijing – Hong Kong Train

How to Book Tickets

China train ticektWhat overnight tickets look like
  • For overnight train ticket between Beijing and Hong Kong, search “International Train from China” on our train page.
  • Provide valid IDs: passports for foreign passengers and Mainland Travel Permits for Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan passengers are required to issue the tickets.
  • Tickets of train Z97 from Beijing to Hong Kong can be purchased 28 days before your departure day. Tickets of train Z98 from Hong Kong to Beijing can be purchased 60 days in advance.

How to Collect Tickets

  • Overnight train tickets between Hong Kong and Beijing need to be issued by our local train ticket outlet partners in Beijing and Hong Kong due to the different railway system from that of mainland China.
  • Your one-to-one English-speaking advisor will send a confirmation letter to you after we issue your tickets.
  • We can help to deliver your paper tickets to the appointed address at the appointed time.

Hong Kong Train Ticket Booking Instructions

  • Instructions for Purchasing Hong Kong Train Tickets

Hong Kong to Beijing, by Train or Airplane?

High-Speed Train Normal-Speed Airplane
Ticket Price US$163 for second class
US$259 for first class
US$115 for soft sleeper
US$74 for hard sleeper
US$148-US$500 for economy class
Duration 9 hours 24 hours 3.5 hours
Frequency 1 high-speed train per day 1 overnight train per day 5 flights per day
Punctuality Punctual Sometimes there will be delays Occasional delays
Seat Space More leg room than on an airplane Spacious Cramped
Pros 1. Reasonable ticket prices
2. High-speed trains are fast and punctual
3. You can walk around on the train to stretch your legs
4. Enjoy window views on the way
1. Reasonable ticket prices
2. Save a night’s accommodation bill
3. Save more daytime for sightseeing
4. It is more comfortable and interesting to take a sleeper train
5. Enjoy window views on the way
1. The fastest mode of transportation between Beijing and Hong Kong
2. Airfare can be competitive when there are discounts
Cons 1. Bullet train stations are a bit far from downtowns
2. Sometimes it is noisy on train carriages especially during Chinese holidays
1. Long travel time
2. Sometime it is noisy on the train carriages especially during the holidays
1. Seats on airplanes are cramped
2. Airports are far from downtown areas
3. It takes more time for boarding airplanes
4. Not much window views
In conclusion If travel time is your first concern, than flight is the best choice for you. If you are on a budget, normal-speed train is a cost-effective and comfortable choice.

Other Trains Between Hong Kong and Mainland China

  • Guangzhou–Shenzhen – Hong Kong High-Speed Trains
  • Guangzhou – Hong Kong High-Speed Trains
  • Shanghai – Hong Kong Trains

Co-Location Arrangement for Immigration

West Kowloon Station has the Hong Kong Port Area and Mainland Port Area on B2 and B3 floors, respectively. Passengers traveling between Hong Kong and Mainland China by high-speed trains can go through adjacent entry and exit immigration. This new arrangement saves a lot of time and hassle.

China Bound Station Arrival, Getting Tickets, Immigration, Customs and Boarding Procedures

The ticket collecting and purchasing office for China-bound trains is in the Ticket Hall on level B1. Once you have the tickets, pass through the ticket examinations and security scanner checks, and then go down to the Departure Hall on level B3 via the escalators.

On B3, first go through Hong Kong Immigration Departure Clearance, have your passport checked, and then pass through the Customs clearance area, walk down a long corridor, and walk into the China Immigration Check Point where you’ll wait in line for visa and passport checking. Then your go through the Customs Procedures area, and then wait for the gates to the train platform to open.

Once opened, departing passengers should go down to the B4 Platform on the escalators, and then find and enter your passenger car as indicated on your ticket.

For information about riding the bullet trains and tips about bullet trains and tickets, see: 7 Things to Know Before Riding a Train in China and How To Take a Train in China.

Hong Kong Bound Disembarkation, Immigration, Customs, and Exit Procedures

information board, Hong Kong West Kowloon trainsInformation board for bullet trains departing from Hong Kong

The passengers who are arriving will disembark their trains at the B4 Platform. Go up to level B2 via the escalators, and then undergo the passport checking at the Mainland Departure Clearance area. Go through the adjacent China Customs area and walk down the passageway.

At Hong Kong Immigration, they will check your passport and visa status. Undergo the Hong Kong Quarantine check, if any, pass through Hong Kong Customs, and then have your ticket checked before exiting the station.

For more information about entering/exiting/using the West Kowloon Station, see Hong Kong West Kowloon Station.

Using the 144-hour Visa-Free Transit Policies for These Trains

To make visiting Beijing easier so you won’t need to purchase a visa before going to Beijing or at the airport, you can utilize their 144-hour travel policies. Beijing West is a valid port of entrance and departure for Beijing. The third country (region) rule applies, so the train can only be used one way visa-free.

Utilizing this method, you can also travel out from Beijing to Tianjin, the Great Wall, and Hebei Province too!

Read more about the 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit Policy.

To learn more about touring Beijing and/or Hong Kong visa-free, see Hong Kong’s Visa Requirements/Visa-Free Policies and How to Plan Your Beijing Visa-Free Tour

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