As China’s economy continues to flourish and reach new heights, overtime, known in Chinese as jiaban, has become a staple in many workers’ lives.

One method to reduce the stress caused by overtime work is accessible nighttime transportation. According to a report by the 21st Century Economic Research Institute, Guangzhou was ranked #1 on the Evening Public Transportation Index. This index looks at the number of late night public transit routes each city operates.

The index is one part of a group of studies analyzing which cities in China are most suitable for overtime workers.guangzhoupublictransportationstats.jpg
Image via 21st Century Economic Research Institute

According to the index, Guangzhou has more nighttime transit routes (98) than Xi’an (71), Hangzhou (40), Shanghai (39) and Beijing (34).

The study also highlights external factors contributing to the higher number of nighttime routes, such as southern China’s late-night lifestyle and a robust manufacturing sector leading to large groups of blue-collar workers.

One commenter on Weibo pointed out a worker’s company plays a much more significant role accommodating overtime workers than their city.

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